OctoSniff 2.1.0

Instant Delivery


Terms Of Service / Information:
  • We deliver a copy of the License to OctoSniff to your default PayPal email, as well as instantly on your screen after purchase.
  • We offer no refunds, whatsoever.
  • OctoSniff is easy to use, but requires basic knowledge of computers (Extracting the ZIP Archive etc)
  • OctoSniff requires Windows 7, or newer.
  • OctoSniff can only be used on one computer.
  • We do not allow sharing or selling of account/license.

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If you for some reason can not get our software to work, we may be able to offer you a full refund. However: This is only available, if you have not activated the license, in our software. This is also only given, upon manual request. If you open a PayPal dispute - we will not give you a refund and most likely win the dispute.

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